Company Philosophy

Our continued Commitment to Sake Making
Thank you for your interest in FURUSAWA SHUZO Company. I really appreciate your visiting our site. Our company was founded in 1836 by the first president Shiroji Furusawa. It started in a small village in the County of Dewa. It’s been said that he started a sake brewing business while trading safflowers. Since then, for more than 170 years, we have engaged in sake brewing here in Sagae City. Our location in the Yamagata Valley, between Mt. Gassan to the west and Mt. Zao to the east, provides a climate that is very suitable for sake brewing. We have been brewing high quality sake with passion and skills handed down for generations.

We sincerely hope that you visit Sagae City and take a tour of our sake brewing museum to learn how our sake is brewed.

Representative Director of FURUSAWA SHUZO CO., LTD.Kotaro Furusawa

Our Mottos

  1. Produce sake with integrity.
  2. Be kind and respectful to customers.
  3. Take pride in our work.
  4. Provide a welcoming working environment for our employees and their families.
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